What is the weighing range and accuracy for this device?

It can weigh up from 0 to 40 Kg (with 0.01KG granularity in readings). With optimal positioning of gadget for weighing, the accuracy is <0.5KG.

What to do if my Bluetooth disconnects when weighing?

Check the LED status on the device, if Blinking, go back of the weigh bag screen and re-initiate the connection. If LED turns off or is very feeble it could be a battery issue. Try ensuring battery connection is correct or replace the batteries.

Why does my readings varies each time I weigh?

Slight variations can be a result of positioning changes during weighing. Ensure the device is placed below the center of the handle and lift with your palm (not fingertips) for optimal accuracy as shown in the pictures in user guide.

Will the weight reading vary from the Airport Scale?

Airport scales are not always accurate. To be safe, always allow 1-2 KG buffer to avoid extra baggage fees.

Why does my weight reading not get locked?

The App expects steady weight readings to lock. Please ensure the baggage is steady for locking on the final weight.

What is the tracking distance mean?

The distance shown is the radial distance within which the gadget is present. The exact direction of the location of the device cannot be known using this technology.

What if I have more questions or need additional help?​

Please reach out to​ and your questions will be promptly answered.