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Simple,  Sleek  & Seamless  

 Coming soon...
To save you from following situations!

 Luggage Scale


Unexpected Overweight  Baggage Fees
Don't fall prey to overweight baggage fees
Awkward Weighing with Primitive Luggage Scales
Lifting heavy luggages suspended by straps or hooks is not simple!
Weighing with Bathroom Scales involving Teamwork
Weighing with bathroom scales is multi step process involving teamwork

It is about time luggage scales got SMART!   Our Bluetooth enabled SMART Luggage Scale with a revolutionary design is so seamless & simple that you would never want to weigh your bags using bathroom scales or primitive luggage scales with  hooks and straps. And WAIT...there is MORE...the complimentary smart phone app  provides access to  several discounts for your specific travel!

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