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One time Set-up
  • Download Application from AppStore or Google Play Store by searching “INWEIGH”.

  • Alternatively, simply click on the links App store or PlayStore.​ (For existing users, please ensure you have the latest version of the App)

  • Register your email and create an account in the App.

  • Insert the batteries on the back side of the INWEIGH device.

  • Turn the INWEIGH gadget ON using the ON/OFF switch at the back of the gadget. You will see a blinking light. 

  • From the home page on the APP, go to settings and click on Pair Device by clicking the ‘+’ Icon as highlighted to configure for the first time. Once configuration is complete, your device will be added to the list of paired devices and your SetUp is complete. 


Note: We recommend pairing the device from the App rather than the Phone’s bluetooth interface.  


One Time Set-Up

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