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Weighing for your trip

Weighing for your Travel

  • Enter your travel details by clicking My trips and using + symbol and Save. Or import by syncing your Gmail/Outlook for auto-import of recent travel itineraries using Import Trips on home page.

  • ​ When ready to weigh bags ​Turn ON​ your previously paired INWEIGH gadget. (If your Bluetooth    is not enabled, you will be prompted from the APP). The LED will be in Blinking State.

  • Click on Weigh Bag and select your trip for which you are packing your bags.

  • Your Gadget will now have Steady LED with status saying ​CONNECTED​.


Below is the list of various states of interaction with the gadget:

VISIBLE​-  Device is ON and in Range, 

INVISIBLE​- Device is OFF or Out of Range

CONNECTING-​  Transient state when Connection is being established

CONNECTED- The Phone is connected and ready to receive weight data

DISCONNECTED-  When connection gets disrupted) 


Lifting position with one or two hands​

  • Simply place your gadget under the handle and lift the bag along with the gadget. (​Note: For maximum accuracy of weight reading ensure the gadget is placed centrally below the handle and no pressure is applied from the top of the handle​). 

  • Once the reading is steady, it gets “​Locked!”​. Save to Add another Bag or reset to weigh again

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